DIY – Lip Balm

I love making my own beauty products.  When it comes to cosmetics, nothing makes me happier than knowing what I’m putting on my skin. What I love about this is that I get to decide what I put in the recipe and how much of it I want. This is a very simple recipe and it can be modified to fit your personal preferences.

All of these oils are great for dry lips. With this recipe I was able to make 4 tubes and 1 tin container as you can see in the picture. Without the tin container, it could probably reach 6-8 tubes.


Unrefined Shea Butter – 1 teaspoons

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 2 teaspoons

Sweet Almond Oil – 2 teaspoons

White Beeswax Pellets – 2 teaspoons

Peppermint Essential Oil – 3 drops

note: the more beeswax you put the harder the lip balm will be. Since it’s currently winter, I’m not using a lot of beeswax because the cold weather will also help the lip balm stay solid. In the summer, I would use a tad more beeswax.

Melt the shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and peppermint essential oil. This can be done with either a double boiler or a pan. I like the pan method and I have a pan strictly for DIY beauty products. Another method I have used to melt ingredients is using a pot filled with water and a pyrex measuring cup.

Mix all the ingredients using a whisk

Pour into lip balm containers and let it cool. To cool the lip balm faster you can put in the fridge for just a couple minutes.

Add the caps & enjoy your Lip Balm!


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