How To Enjoy Your Favorite Treats While On A Diet

It can be hard to strictly eat healthy if you’re on a diet or have a specific goal. It’s even harder to do it do it if you’re doing the diet long term. Of course, diets are effective when you actually stick to them but it’s also difficult not to get tempted. I believe my tips below can help you achieve your goals or at least help you while going through a diet. I believe these tips can help with maintaining motivation and avoiding binges.

No more cheat days
I have trained myself not to believe in cheat days. I feel like this is one of those things that make people go overboard and eat everything they should stay away from. When I use to have cheat days, I felt like I needed to reward myself for being good the past week or past couple of days, so I would basically indulge. The result was gaining back all the weight or feeling bad for eating all those things I shouldn’t have had.  Instead I decided to go with one of the tips below.

Create healthy versions of everything.
This is something that will help you for a lifetime. And this is probably the reason why I don’t believe in cheat days anymore. By now I’m able to turn almost anything into a healthy version, this way I can still have most of the things I enjoy without feeling bad about it. I have put together a Pinterest board with tons of healthy delicious meals that are great for when I’m dieting and for just living a healthy lifestyle.

Have a very minimal amount of your favorite treat
Sometimes you really just want to treat yourself; one of the ways to do this is to have a small amount of something you enjoy. By this, I mean having a tiny piece of chocolate during the day. Of course, you have to be careful not to go overboard, so I usually get a tiny piece then give the rest away, that way I’m not tempted later. Sometimes I even leave it in the car, or throw it out so I don’t start eating it out of boredom or get tempted later.

Have a treat only after a meal
This tip was given to me about 2 years ago and It absolutely works! After I decided to start using this tip two things happened: 1) I would completely forget about my piece of chocolate after lunch, or 2) when I did still want chocolate I would only want a very small amount. Most of the time I didn’t even want the chocolate or candy anymore.

Eat one treat daily
Maybe not having any treat all for five days doesn’t work for you. Something I tried was having a tiny piece of chocolate each day. This requires a lot of self-control, but it felt really good waiting to have my next piece of chocolate the next day. If you find it too difficult to save the rest of the chocolate or whatever treat you’re having for later, then just buy however much you’re planning to eat that day.

Counting Calories
Losing weight comes down to calories. If you really need to fully treat yourself, you can still do it but you should probably make sure you don’t go over whatever amount of calories you should have for that day. It’s possible to lose weight and eat whatever you like but you have to count calories.

Put in more hours at the gym
Another way you can go overboard with your treats is to burn those calories at the gym. This can be difficult for the average person as it can require hours at the gym. If this is something that you believe can work for you, then it doesn’t hurt to try it. I personally prefer eating healthy, maybe have a small treat, and also go to the gym.

Do not give up
This is the most important tip, do not give up! Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what works for you, maybe you will keep going if you have a small treat every day or eating healthy versions of things you like. But you will never know if you give up. Keep trying until you reach your goal!

Bottom line: in my experience, the most important thing in dieting is self-control. You have to ask yourself what you really and that will push you to have the self-control to achieve your goals. Also, note that all the treats that I have had during a diet are mostly low calorie and/or somewhat not too unhealthy.

Have you tried any of these?