Getting Rid Of Dry Elbows

This winter has been very rough on my skin. I have said this in almost every winter post I wrote in the past week, kind of annoying but it’s because it’s the truth. My elbows have been super dry since this winter started. I use a homemade DIY body butter that I started making this summer and everything was fine until the winter came.

I started noticing my skin was looking/feeling very dry by the end of the day and my elbows were extremely dry. My skin was itchy and I could feel the roughness on my elbows when I touched them. I was actually becoming kind of embarrassed by it. They looked scaly and felt cracked. Initially, I decided to modify my DIY recipe and add more oils for extra moisture and see where it goes.  While trying to modify my recipe I realized that the soap I shower with is very exfoliating and maybe I should switch since it could be part of the reason why my skin is so dry. I use an exfoliating soap to get soft skin but from the result from this winter I’ll no longer use it in the winter.

After only two days of using the new soap, the cracks and scaly feeling were gone. I still have a hard time believing my elbows are soft again. The new soap I use is a shea butter soap bar that I bought at a local farmers’ market a few months back. I was very hesitant to use it because I really like my exfoliating soap and I don’t really like change :D. As you can see in the picture, the soap doesn’t look pretty like something you would find at lush but it saved my elbows.

I’m still using my DYI body butter and now I have added a shea butter soap bar and I couldn’t be happier. My skin use to itch because it was too dry, I have not experience that again since I switched to a shea butter soap. To confirm my theory, I stopped using the shea butter soap bar for a week and my elbows went back to being rough. Then of course I resume using the soap and my elbows became soft again.

If you’re experiencing dry elbows or skin as I did, and this is not medical advice by any form, I suggest reevaluating all the things you put on your skin. Sometimes your favorite lotions and/or soaps may not work for every season. In my case, I think the exfoliating soap was stripping away most of the oils my skin needed to stay moisturized. Other things you can do to treat dry skin are showering with warm instead of hot, use less soap and/or use mild soaps, try bath oils, use moisturizers such Aquafor, Nivea, Eucerin, and Cetaphil (one of my favs).

What do you do to keep your skin moisturized in the winter?