How I Cured My Migraines

First, I want to say this is not medical advice and I’m not a doctor or a health professional. If you decide to use the migraine prevention method that I’m using, you’re doing it at your own risk. I highly recommend speaking to your doctor before taking this route.

I have been suffering from migraines since 2010. Initially, I thought it was from stress from college, but my migraines continued years after college until last year when my doctor asked to start taking the supplements that I’ll share with you. I had seen countless neurologists and specialists, none was able to help until I decided to start seeing a new neurologist in 2017. I had basically given up hope and just accepted that I was going to suffer from chronic migraines for the rest of my life. I missed so many classes in college because of the pain. At every job I had, I used all my sick days and sometimes vacation days because I was in too much pain to leave the house.

Thankfully, I don’t have migraines with auras. However, I would suffer from migraines for 3 days in a row, and I had many triggers. The weather, some scents, some foods, stiff neck, dizziness, nausea; all of these were happening to me when I was suffering from migraines. And then there were the medical bills, which were causing me more headaches and depression. I tried all the migraines medications available and nothing was helping. The ones that did slightly help had intolerable side effects. I have tried topiramate, prednisone, relpax, imitrex, cambia, different kinds of triptans, and none of these helped.

Last year I got fed up of the pain again and decided to start seeing a new neurologist. He prescribed sumatriptan and prednisone, which didn’t help. After six weeks, he tried to prescribe topiramate and cambia, which I have tried before, and I told him I didn’t like the side effects. I also tried some antidepressants and they were the worse, it felt like I was actually dying. After a long conversation about all the medications I have tried he decided to prescribe me Magnesium Glycinate and Riboflavin. And OMG, this was the best thing that ever happened to me.

At first, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t dying of a migraine every other day. I have a migraine calendar and I still can’t believe I went from writing down a migraine every couple of hours to now zero migraines. I started taking Magnesium and Riboflavin on August 17, 2017, today is January 30, 2018 and I have not recorded a migraine since November 28, 2017. Up to today I still can’t believe that I go one week without having a migraine.

Here’s why you should seek advice from a medical professional before trying this out. The first thing is that not everything is suited for everyone, so your doctor may know best what’s right for you. There are different kinds of magnesium, a healthcare professional will know best which form is better for you. Although vitamins and supplements are generally safe, it’s still possible that they will interact with something else you’re already taking.

Finally, as I said before, this is not medical advice and if you decide to take Magnesium and Riboflavin, you’re doing this at your own risk. Magnesium and Riboflavin have truly changed my life! Please speak to a help professional and I truly hope that what I have shared with you will truly help.


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