Moisturizing DIY Body Butter

Body butters are one of the simplest DIY recipes. They’re supper easy to make and often don’t require a lot of ingredients. This recipe can easily be modified according to your personal preferences, sometimes I add essentials oils in mine. Also, depending on the weather I use more or less of some ingredients. In the winter, I use less of the Shea butter and more coconut and sweet almond oils, and vice versa in the summer. The reason I modified it this way is because I need more moisture during the winter months and I feel that using more of the coconut and sweet almond makes the moisture last longer.

When I make this during the summer months, I reduce the coconut and sweet almond oil by an ounce each.

2 oz. of unrefined Shea butter
2 oz. of organic virgin coconut oil
2 oz. of sweet almond oil
5 drops of lavender essential oil – optional


  1. Melt the Shea butter. This can be done in multiple ways, using a double boiler, using a pan/saucepan. I like the pan (or saucepan) method, I find it easier, faster, and least expensive. To avoid contamination, I have a dedicated pan that I use to melt oils. I got mine for $8 at Homegoods:). If the coconut oil is in solid form then melt it along with the Shea butter. My coconut oil was in liquid form so I added it in step 2.
  2. Add sweet almond oil, coconut oil (if not already added in step one.), and an essential oil of choice. Stir then place in the freezer for 20 – 30 mins until the mixture starts to look opaque.
  3. Whip the mixture until it starts to look fluffy. Then store in a mason jar or container of choice. Usually, I store mine in my bathroom or bedroom, and the texture remains the same; it does not soften.

This is one of my favorite DIY recipes. It melts right in your hands. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and it’s super easy to make. Enjoy!


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