Simplest And Easiest Way To Maintain Your Weight

Not too long ago I stumbled onto an article on yahoo with a simple and easy way to maintain your weight. I laughed after seeing what the solution was, it was so simple I couldn’t believe it. Nevertheless curiosity killed the cat so I decided to continue reading and eventually try it out. Here’s the solution: Weight yourself more frequently! Yeah I know it sounds insane, I couldn’t believe it either. But look at this way, it’s much easier to loose 5 pounds than trying to shed off 20 pounds. Imagine weighting yourself three months from now and finding out you gained 15, or the alternative, weight yourself in three weeks and shed off those 5 pounds you gained in a week or two.

I was weighting myself at the doctor’s office and it turned out I was about 10 pounds heavier than what I had in mind. It wasn’t difficult to loose (with hard work:)), but maintaining was the difficult part. I am one of those people that can gain weight by staring at a burger so I figured why not try this out. At the time I used to weight myself once in a blue moon at the gym or whenever I went to the doctor’s office. Therefore, I was super excited to try this out so I ordered a scale on amazon.

And guess what: it worked. I have not reached 10 pounds more that my current weight since then. I do gain a couple of pounds now and then but stepping on the scale reminds me that I’m going above my desired weight. So instead of having pizza that night, I go for something less loaded with calories. Below are the tips that I use to keep up:

  • Set a limit.

A limit keeps you in check. I have a maximum of 10 pounds; I like having a gaol because that’s how I discipline myself. It feels like if I don’t have this gaol then I am most likely going to convince myself to go to 15 pounds and then to 20 pounds and so on. The 10 pounds stops me, it reminds not to have that cookie after lunch.

  • Be consistent

This one is very important. It’s best to use the same scale, do it the same day of the week, same or similar clothing or no clothing. If you can ‘t do it every week, that’s totally fine too, just be consistent with your routine. I aim to weight myself at least once a week, sometimes I even do it a few times per week.

  • Weight yourself in the morning

It’s completely okay to weight yourself at your most convenience. However, I prefer to  weight myself in the morning. I feel my morning weight is a better reflection of my true weight because foods and fluids will artificially increase my weight if I do it at night, or mid day. Nevertheless, the point is consistency so if you prefer doing it at night just make sure you stay consistent.

  • Work that weight off

I have a 10 pounds limit, but I really try my best not to get there. I’m a huge believe of the 80/20 rule, 80% what you eat, 20% the gym. To loose the weight I sort of make my diet stricter. This means, no sugar, good carbs only, lots of water, and at least a 3 miles 3 to 5 times per week. And by no sugar, I mean no mints and not even gum. I don’t do natural juices or smoothies with fruits during that time as well to avoid the sugar. It’s natural sugar from fruits, but it’s way more than I need. Sometimes I even do a 2 weeks detox.

What I love the most about this is that it’s super easy. Sometimes I’m not even fully awake when I step on the scale. I have my scale in the bathroom so I quickly step on it before getting into the shower and done.