Sweet Treats For Your Cheat Days

Whether you are on a diet and need a cheat snack, or simply eating healthy but need something for your sweet tooth, this little cheat list of mine may be just what you need. I love eating healthy but I also really love sugar. Below is a list of treats that I use to satisfy my sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy diet. Note that I don’t eat these snacks every day and I tend to consume very minimal amount with the exception of fruits.

I buy fresh fruits every Sunday and I eat fruits almost everyday. If you’re on a diet and feel like snacking on sweet edibles all day, try snacking on fruits. Sometimes I snack on clementines throughout the day.

Switch or substitute with honey. Honey is a natural sweetener making it a better replacement for “normal” sugars. You can add honey to almost anything you feel needs a little sweetness.

Flavored Greek yogurt.
I find flavored Greek yogurt less sweet than most other flavored yogurts. I go for flavored Greek yogurt when I’m craving yogurt but don’t want a very sugary yogurt.

Greek yogurt & honey
Or add honey to any plain yogurt. Sometimes flavored Greek yogurts taste like they contain plenty of sugar, so I  buy plain Greek yogurt and  mix it with some honey.

Trail Mix
This is a perfect snack if you feel that you need to satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the day. If you are on diet, be cautious with trail mix; nuts are loaded with calories.

Not only is this not a super sweet snack, I don’t feel guilty eating it as I would feel if I was having ice cream. Sorbet is made of mainly water and fruit puree, so the calorie and sugar content is not as high as it is in ice cream.

Any fruit with some chocolate
Fruits are generally sweet but…….. if you really need more sugar, adding some chocolate could just be what you need.

Almond milk
I have noticed that adding almond milk as a substitute for regular milk is satisfying, sometimes healthier, and less sweet. You can add it to your coffee, tea, and cereal. Adding almond milk instead of regular milk is the trick.

Fruit popsicle
If you’re tempted to have a popsicle on a hot summer day, going for a fruit popsicle or homemade ice fruit bar is a healthier alternative.

Smoothies (fruits and/or veggies only, no artificial flavors)
Smoothies are my best friend. They make it very easy to eat healthy while satisfying your sweet cravings. There are so many recipes online now these days that makes it very easy to make your own smoothie at home.

Hope my little list helps; have you tried any of these?