Worst To Best Methods You Can Remove Facial Hair

Facial hair is annoying! Whether you have five tiny hairs on your face or a bunch of tiny hairs on different parts of your face it’s still annoying. In fact, facial hair can make some women feel less beautiful. It can really mess with your emotions, which I think what leads us relying on some of the worse methods to remove facial hair. Below are what I believe are worst to best methods you can rely on to remove facial hair.

This is the worst thing you can do to your face. The only advantage of shaving is that it’s quick; everything else about it is a disadvantage. Shaving can cause hyperpigmentation, the hair grows back faster, thicker, and coarser. Even the tiny hairs that were not visible also start growing at a faster rate, and you just end up with more hair. [update: when the razor cuts off the hair, it may produce a bristly stubble which looks darker/coarser than it was before it was cut. After a few days, the hair start sticking out from the follicles which also appear thicker/coarser. In the end, it seems shaving will not change the regrowth process of the hair.] Shaving is the worst thing you can do to your face [in comparison to other methods below].

These come in forms of creams, gels, roll on, and lotions. I love depilatories but I have never and will not let them come near my face. These are super easy to use, not painful, don’t take a lot of time, very inexpensive, and work on most skin types & tones; these are most of the things I love about depilatory creams. However, I don’t really like the smell and this is not a permanent hair removal method. The chemicals in these products are probably going to irritate your face. The hair doesn’t take long to grow back. My opinion on these is that don’t ever let them come near your face.

This one requires a lot of courage because it’s very painful; I have cried from tweezing. Tweezing/plucking can be very tedious and annoying but it’s a pretty cheap, quick, and effective way of removing those annoying chin hairs. For some, tweezing can be very painful, it leaves my skin red sometimes. The hair also grows back in a short period of time, but unlike shaving, it grows back with the same texture.

Hair removal spring
This is something I discovered through Pinterest recently, it sorts of like a manual epilator or using a set of tweezers at once. This is a little painful because it’s almost like yanking the hairs with a bunch of tweezer at once. In some ways, this is better than using a tweezer because it can grab very fine hairs and grabs multiple hairs at once. It’s inexpensive, convenient, and quick.

I’m a huge fan of epilators, especially electric ones. They’re a bit pricey, but in the long run you’re actually saving money; another downside is that they’re not as concealable as a tweezer or a hair removal spring. Epilating is very painful because you’re ripping the hair from the roots. The one I have, Braun Silk-Epil 9-521, has lasted me over one year; I only charge it every couple of months and it can be used in the shower. This is one of the better hair removal methods because, no toxic chemicals are involved, the hair is pulled from the root, you’re saving money because epilators basically last forever, and it is less time consuming than most other hair removal methods.

This is one of the cheapest hair removal methods. It can be tedious as well because you can’t really trim multiple hairs at once and you have to be very careful not to cut your skin. This method is perfect if you’re in hurry, don’t have a tweezer and you’re worried about the hair growing back with a different texture. The downside is that the hairs may remain visible and grows back within days.

Waxing is a very quick method of getting rid of annoying facial hairs and it’s not too pricey. However, it may not be suitable for all skin types; for instance, I break out anytime wax touches my face. Whether it’s waxing my eyebrows, or lip I still break out and it also leaves my skin red. What I do like about waxing is that it can take 6-8 weeks for the hair to grow back and most hair grow back less coarse.

This is one of my favorite hair removal methods, although I find it more painful than waxing. Threading can grab the very fine hairs that waxing and tweezing cannot remove. This is also an inexpensive hair removal method and it can last up to 10 weeks. The hair grows back finer and no toxic chemicals are involved in the process.

Laser Hair Removal
This is one of the best hair removal methods. The disadvantages with laser hair removal are that it’s very expensive and it may not be appropriate for certain skin tones. Laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal method, but it results in permanent reduction of the number of hairs. Laser hair removal can be done anywhere except areas very close to the eyes, it’s a fast hair removal method, and you will not worry about shaving for a very long time.

Hands down best method to remove unwanted facial hair, and the only permanent hair removal method. Electrolysis is a method of hair removal where a device is used by a license electrologist to destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. This is something I have tried and wrote about as well, see the post here. What makes this the best is that it’s permanent, less costly than laser hair removal, and perfect for all skin tones. The process can be very tedious, but it is absolutely worth it.


  1. Hi, I agree that shaving might not be the best for your face, if you don’t want to depilate often, but maybe just for that reason.
    If hair grows back a bit thicker I think it still looks fine if we keep it shaved regularly and well taken care of. Is this effect permanent or temporary, though? Like , if you stop shaving long enough, does it still stay longer and uglier in that zone of your body, even after hair is fully grown back, recovering its finer tips and shedding etc. once you started?
    As I knew it was a myth for that reason

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! I looked at this further and it seems when the razor cuts off the hair, it may produce a bristly stubble which looks darker/coarser than it was before it was cut. After a few days, the hair start sticking out from the follicles which also appear thicker/coarser. In the end, it seems shaving will not change the regrowth process of the hair. I’ll add some updates to the blog post. Thanks again for reading:)

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